Sunday, February 12, 2006

Welcome to Favorite Online Shops

Welcome to Favorite Online Shops. I consider this my virtual small, charming, friendly town. Enjoy the day by strolling down our cyber town streets, visit the shops you see along the way, peer in the windows to see all the fine goodies and gifts they have for you. Stop in and chat with the shop owners - they love to see new, smiling faces. Feel free to pamper yourself or someone special.

With all the online malls and directories on the web, why do I want to create another one? There are a few reasons:

1) I do alot of my shopping online and I can suggest and recommend stores where I've had excellent experiences. If I have experience with a shop and can highly recommend it, I will add a note stating so.

2) I like promoting home-based businesses and shops that you wouldn't ordinarily find unless someone suggested them to you. You often get more personalized, attentive, friendlier service with smaller shops.

3) Designing websites is fun for me and I like creating with different themes. Of course, I wish I was better but I'm learning and I keep experimenting.

I have more ideas that I'd like to explore with my "virtual shopping town" so check back as I expand my town. Thanks for visiting and come back soon !!