Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Super Simple

Super Simple

Super Simple began in a small classroom in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. As teachers, they knew that music was one of the most powerful teaching tools available.

They created their own songs…originals and classics made simple for young learners. They focused on songs that were appropriately paced, lyrically simple, full of space for movement, easily taught through gesture, and FUN!

They began making videos that showed teachers how to use Super Simple songs in the classroom and posted them to YouTube. Much to their surprise, kids were also watching these videos. So they decided to make more videos just for them and developed a passion for creating quality content for children.

In the Super Simple online shop, you can purchase videos and audio downloads, tee shirts, plush toys, and patches that all make learning more fun. These can be used in the classroom or for your child at home.

Super Simple also offers an affiliate program where you can earn commissions on sales.

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